About ME

I started shooting when I was fifteen and seven years later, I found myself working as a freelance photographer in New York City. I haven’t looked back since.  Over the years I’ve gone from just photographing friends and family, to gaining the visual and creative trust of major fashion labels and public figures. 

Raised in a small beach town outside of Tampa, Florida, I didn’t take my first trip to New York City until I was nineteen. I immediately fell in love and spent the rest of my time at The University of Florida working towards the goal of moving to Manhattan once I graduated – and so I did. 

My assignments range from fashion bloggers to weddings, and a large variety in-between. I love traveling for fun and for work; the more miles on my life journey, the better.  

Clients, styles, and brands are ever changing, but my love for what I do has always stayed. I hope you let me be a part of your story!

- Carter